Grease separators - not popular but necessary!

Clean drinking and tap water is taken for granted by many people in this country. However, tapping fresh water requires constant cleaning and filtration. This is largely the responsibility of the local authority, although dilapidated sewer systems and facilities have a gradual impact on water quality.

As a political and economic decision, it is therefore understandable that companies whose activities are associated with a particular burden on wastewater should be held accountable. What is obvious for many industrial companies also applies to the catering sector according to the assessment of many cities and municipalities. For you as a restaurateur, this assessment may be difficult to understand. Nevertheless, you must comply with the obligation to pre-treat your wastewater with a grease separator system.

We would like to work with you to make this step as simple and cost-conscious as possible. Our in-house grease separators in accordance with DIN EN 1852-2 and DIN 4040-100 are designed for all commercial operations that need to retain fats and oils. This includes restaurants, service stations and cafés, as well as canteens, barbecue kitchens and similar establishments.

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Many businesses have older systems that no longer perform their grease separation tasks optimally. In addition to replacing the system with a new and modern one, it may also make sense to renovate or maintain it so that you can fulfill your social responsibility to protect the water and avoid any consequences from your city or municipality.

As part of our service, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on which solution suits your current situation. With various system models, the size and dimensions of the separation technology can be tailored to your specific requirements. By taking a look at your existing system technology, we carry out an independent assessment of whether and to what extent a replacement makes sense.

Do not hesitate to contact us and benefit from our professional expertise. We will be happy to advise you so that your new or existing separation system fulfills all the purposes for which it is intended.

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