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Installing the right grease trap in the catering sector requires specialist knowledge and experience. Restaurants, commercial kitchens and similar businesses need advice in order to make the right technical choice for their budget. For this reason, our experts see themselves as both salespeople and consultants.

Our specialists will familiarize you with the necessity of an installation and help you to reliably assess the specific needs of your business. With our in-house brand, we have full control over the quality and functionality of our grease separator solutions. We are constantly developing these further and incorporate the experience and ideas of our customers in order to respond even better to the technical requirements of the future.

Dewatering and separating grease before it is discharged into the public sewer system is an obligation that is probably also close to your municipality's heart. Even if this requires an investment on your part, you are making a valuable contribution to the quality of water and life in your area. Our specialists are there for you to ensure that this can be done technically flawlessly and without unnecessarily high costs.

Simply contact us if you would like to install a grease separator system for the first time or are interested in a renovation or renewal. We will be on hand to answer all your questions and provide you with reliable separation technology at attractive conditions.

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